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Rules for All Events

1.Individual rules and guidelines may be stipulated for specific events. All event-specific rules must be followed, the same as universal event rules. When in doubt, ask an event designer or other staff member for clarification. As with all TNR rules and regulations, ignorance is not an excuse.

2.Users may participate in any given event with only one (1) account. Attempting the event on more than one account will result in automatic disqualification and/or removal of any prizes won.

3.Unless otherwise specified, divulging information pertaining to any event, in part or whole, is prohibited, as is any action which sabotages the event for players. This includes, but is not limited to, posting solutions in the tavern, revealing special locations or clues, or collaborating with other users against event rules. Event staff may, at any time, alter any event, including major elements such as prizes, requirements, or the removal or modification of entire stages as necessary in response to problematic player conduct.

4.All normal site rules and regulations apply during events. Attempted cheating of any kind, or any other conduct which violates the standards of fair play and good sportsmanship, may result in disqualification, the removal of prizes, and/or additional penalties as applicable under general TNR rules.

5.Moderators will temporarily resign when competing in events where their moderator panel may in any way provide an unfair advantage. However, their jurisdiction, in conjunction with that of all event staff for the duration of the event, will still apply to any player misconduct.

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