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The Ninja-RPG provides a unique experience in the world of browser-based gaming. As an aspiring ninja, you will start as a mere Academy Student in one of several villages. There you will train to become a fearsome and powerful opponent.

Choose a profession, be part of an elite ANBU squad or challenge others for the grand title of Kage. If you choose a darker path, join the Syndicate and become a wandering outlaw so you can rob others.

Among the many exciting features and content provided by The Ninja-RPG you will see:

*Jutsu. Train dozens of jutsu with incredible effects.

*Bloodlines. Roll for the possibility of gaining one of many bloodlines.

*Multi-PvP Combat. Fight with other players as team.

*Summons. Summon an allied AI to aid you in combat.

*Tavern. Chat with your fellow villagers in a moderated environment and make friends.

*Many other amazing features unique to this game.

*A constant development providing a growing number of new experiences.

Last updated: 2398 Days Ago

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