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Posted by: Reporter Hakkan
Crisis at HDI!
12/16/19, 11:52 AM
Greetings, Seichi! This is Reporter Hakkan with the Daily Seichi News, bringing you the new news that is, as I understand it, quite new!

I bring you some disturbing news today, folks - the Hospital for the Dangerously Ill suffered a large security breach in their criminal ward last weekend, releasing dozens of highly volatile individuals. The HDL tried their best to keep this news under wraps, hoping to round up the escapees before anything was found out, but have since backtracked on this decision.

Reports of attacks and aggressive encounters have already been pouring in - it looks as though the Hyuogaan Icesheet and the surrounding territories are an unfriendly place to be right now! Why, I'd even go so far as to say these grinches would attack Santa Claus himself!

Do be careful out there, folks. Who knows how long it will take to round up all of these criminals! Be kind to one another and, for the sake of the season, help each other out in this time of need.

This is all for now - Reporter Hakkan, signing off.

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